Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something Short

From the book, I Believe in Love, "And if, in addition to all that, you give Him your many miseries with great humility, but also with great confidence, then you give Him His great joy - His joy of being Savior. Every soul in a state of grace is for Him a Heaven which only that could could give Him." Are you kidding me? Isn't that huge? I have never thought that about Jesus' role as Savior. Sure, I am in awe of the kind of love and obedience that it took for Jesus to die on the cross - it's unfathomable! But to think that He actually feels joy from His role as our Savior - JOY! I am going to try to wrap my over-tired and overwhelmed little brain around this gem!

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Jill said...

I really like this quote. It alleviates some of the guilt (well, maybe guilt isn't the right word) I have over putting all my struggles and hardships on Christ. Sometimes I feel like me heaping my worries, failures, and stresses onto his out-stretched arms only hurts him more. But this quote helps me understand that he can handle it! And joyfully so!