Friday, September 26, 2008

Silent Sadness

Silence...Sadness...Many emotions flooded my senses as I drove around Ironwood Circle this morning. My time slot for standing/kneeling vigil was for 11:00 and I noticed that there were several people there not even scheduled to stand vigil that came on their own, it was a beautiful thing! I then took note of the full parking lot of the abortion clinic next door and my heart broke. I'm not outraged at the issue of abortion. I am silent and I am sad. I have been a young woman with a crisis pregnancy. I know the temptation of "making it all go away." I know the fear and the shame and the anger that comes from making a choice that led me to become pregnant at 19 and unmarried. I know the conversations that can happen behind one's back and even right in front of one's face because you got "caught." I know the sleepless nights that can happen as you wonder how life will ever be the same after this moment. These things I know because I was that girl!
But... I also know that one can come out of this situation whole and strengthened. I know what it's like for someone to take my hand and give me hope in a hopeless situation. I know what it's like to have everyone telling you what you should do but I also know the relief I felt when someone told me to take my time and to just breathe! I was blessed to know the Lord - even though I felt as though I had failed Him tremendously and that He would probably not want too many to know that I follow Him. I also know through my friends, my parents, my parents' friends, and others that the Lord was carrying me. God worked miracles because I was quiet and I listened to Him and I let him carry my cross with me.
My prayer for those most affected by abortion - which, in essence, is all of us because it's our doctors, our priests, our mothers, our teachers, our fathers, our religious, our bus drivers, and so on that are being aborted - my prayer is for peace. We usually only hear a prayer for peace in regards to war and this is a war! Those faced with a crisis pregnancy need peace; they need guidance; they need prayers; they need solutions; they need options; they need us! I pray, most especially, for those that work in any capacity with these women - the doctors, nurses, counselors, volunteers, drivers, legislators, lobbyists, - that their hearts and their eyes will be opened to the horrors of abortion. It is not a necessary thing in this 21st Century! There are options and there are solutions!
Let's all pray, pray, pray - Pray without ceasing!

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