Friday, October 18, 2013

Aborted Baby to Mother

My amazing, 8th grade daughter, Briege Marie, wrote this poem for her English class this year. Powerful. Moving. Beautiful.

Aborted Baby to Mother
Mommy, I love you.
I know you were scared;
Scared of rejection, disapproval,
Scared for you.
But mommy, don’t you love me?
I’m your child, your future.
I follow you like a sheep to its shepherd.
Loyal to its shepherd;
Listening, loving, and obedient.
Mommy, I love you.
I love you so much.
But don’t you love me too?
God made me for you, your very own child.
He gave me your eyes,
Eyes shining brighter than any star in the sky.
Your nose that’s just the right size,
Daddy’s big, powerful laugh that fills the whole room.
But don’t you love me?
Mommy, I miss you.
I want to hear your voice, sweetly singing.
I want to see you smiling at me,
At my attempt to walk or talk.
I want to hear you cheer
When I score a goal at my championship soccer game.
Mommy, do you miss me?
Didn’t your mommy cry when you were a baby like me?
So happy, so excited;
She had a future because of you.
Mommy, can’t I be your future too?
Wait, Mommy you’re crying.
Please don’t. I’m fine.
I’m in Heaven now.
But mommy, you’re not fine.
Why aren’t you eating?
Why aren’t you sleeping?
You’re yelling, mommy.
You’re angry.
Angry, yelling that life is cruel.
Like a breeze,
It can feel good, but cold.
It’s a bittersweet feeling.
Mommy, I love you.
Please don’t be angry. Don’t hate yourself.
Your life is beautiful.
It’s like a rose.
There may be a few thorns in there,
But still beautiful enough to bloom.
Don’t be sad, mommy.
Want to know a secret?
This is what I found out, mommy.
This is what God thinks you should know.
As your guardian angel,
As your little shining star shining only for you,
I feel the need to tell you.
So here it is,
Are you ready?
God forgives you, mommy.
God won’t stop loving you, no matter what.
He loves you too much to stop.
Nothing could change that, mommy.
If you pray to God, mommy,
He’ll help you.
He’ll heal you.
Want to know the first step how?
It’s going to be hard,
But you’re strong, mommy.
So mommy,
Forgive yourself.