Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still waiting...

Still waiting for the results of what the heck is wrong with my computer! I hate this! I should spend my free time, exercising, praying, cleaning, exercising, painting, exercising, etc. but I'd much rather waste time on the computer!!

Gee, I wonder if this might not be a divine suggestion from God above that I should use my time a little more wisely?


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stinkin' Virus

I'm at my sister's house writing this short little blurb for the blog. I have a stinkin' computer virus on my computer. I can't open a single item on my desktop - not the pictures, not the internet, not the documents, nothing! What the heck?

Do computer geeks (sorry to those nice computer geeks) not have anything to do except for searching for ways to screw with us 'barely-savvy' computer people? What is it that drives these people? I gotta be honest with you...I feel a bit like someone broke into my house. I feel that same sense of invasion or anger that one feels when their space has been robbed or compromised or whatever! I pray I don't lose my pictures - some of which are the only ones I have of Keagan as an infant or my pictures from Florida and Alaska. I pray I don't lose my documents - my eulogy for my grandmother's funeral is on there.

Who's head do I bash for this? What is the recourse? What is the purpose of those morons, those losers, those a*#hol*@, those dorks in their momma's basement? Is this what they feel their purpose is in life? They are given the amazing intelligence to create computer programs and to decifer all sorts of codes (I don't even know how to write about it let alone do what they do) and instead of creating a program that, I don't know, might benefit more than their own narcissistic giggles, they create a virus that could wipe out someone's hard drive! Thank you!