Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Pics

Well, I'm back! I finally got the virus-infected computer back from the Geek Squad! Is there someone that I can send my $300 invoice to that is responsible for the viral outbreak on my hard drive? Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome if there was some sort of recource against the morons that create the viruses? It's funny, I only hear about the outbreak of such viruses but I never hear anyone being caught having infected a slew of computers with said virus(es).

All is well...for now!

Misc. pictures from the latter part of Summer:


Dorrie said...

Why does it look like Murphy is 6' 2"? And Briege looks like she's on the brink of "tweener hood." Have I been gone that long?!?

And K's getting bit, too. How is he handling school? How many more years until he gets to do History Day!??!

KellyO said...

I can't even breathe with the fact that I have 2 doing History Day this year!
Murphy isn't 6'2" yet...5'9" and growing (daily)
Keagan is loving school and I am loving the brief respite I get from his active mouth :)
Briege is getting into the tweener hood. She's still very sweet and helpful and funny.
I'm blessed...tired but blessed!