Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

I'm on Spring break people!!! Bonita Springs, FL is an unbelievable site to behold. I will post pictures and give details upon my arrival back into South Bend, IN. Suffice it to say, "WOW!!!!"


Bonita Springs said...

I am glad you enjoyed Bonita Springs. I moved down to Southwest Florida about 2 years ago, and was amazed at the scenery and outdoor activities. Did you get to check out Naples as well?

KellyO said...

It was amazing! We stayed with a friend and the scenery everywhere was spectacular! I didn't get to Naples but we went to the beaches, the mini-golf, the air boat ride to see the gators, and many fine dining! The sun sets at Barefoot Beach were out of this world! It was a great time and I plan to visit again!!