Monday, March 22, 2010

Bonus Post

Aren't these two cute? They play so well together and there is a tremendous amount of brotherly love (even though they are cousins) It's a constant battle to get Keagan to accept that Brady and his brother, Mason, come over 2 days a week. It's as though you just took away his Star Wars figurines when he realizes that when he gets home from school THEY are going to be there. And, Brady, he asks me over and over when Keagan is coming home because he can't wait to see him.

Normally, this will regulate itself and they end up playing pretty nicely together. There are, of course, little squabbles but they are minor and the day is ended with no injuries. Today, the tide turned a bit (pun totally intended) The boys were playing outside and amidst a few fights, things were going pretty well. Until I heard a real cry coming from Brady. I ran out there as I was checking on baby Mason at the time. I saw Brady standing there crying and Keagan telling him something so I assumed it was a verbal argument and ordered them inside as I didn't think the neighbors would appreciate the prolonged fighting. Brady was still crying and I asked Keagan to tell me what happened and began to weave this elaborate story about how Brady was minding his own business and then the chair viciously reached out and tripped him. I didn't see any scrapes but I comforted Brady anyway.

Then came the real story from the 2 1/2 year old mouth. As Keagan victoriously walked away, Brady mentioned something about "and Keagan bit me." "You mean he hit you, right?" "No, he bit me!" Brady, then, lifted his shirt to show me the perfectly formed mouth and teeth marks on his little chest. At this point, I blacked out because I couldn't believe that my 5 year old was now creating huge lies in order to avoid getting into trouble. Must my 12 year old AND my 5 year old go through the same stage at the same time? As I look back to the past few minutes, I can now see Brady's face, as Keagan is telling the story, looking at me as if saying, "this jack ass is lying to you!"

So, what to do? Needless to say, I spanked Keagan with a bit of gusto! Don't send me letters - no mark was left and I think the event merited some corporal punishment! Of course, I'm thinking Keagan's mad at me because I'm getting serious with Bill or that I'm raising an abuser (his lie was just so frickin' convincing!) What am I doing wrong? I'm not sure how to handle this! He's been in his room for the past hour and I'm not certain as to how long he should be forced to stay there! An hour, two hours, his lifetime? UGH!

I have 4 days until we leave for our vacation to Florida and in these few days I have to, somehow, keep my sanity! Only to drive 22 hours with 5 kids (4 of which are boys) in a van. Thank God, Bill will be there with me and we can sit in the front and pretend we're on this vacation alone! God help me, please!

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Dorrie said...

I was crying laughing at this post because of Brady's supposed "you're a jackass comment!" While I'm sorry that Keagan's a biter (hello, is there a Mike Tyson in the house?), it makes for a hilarious story.

I mean, a terrible story! How dare that little pundit of yours bite Brady! What *part* of Brady's chest did he bite? Because some of that could leave scarring!

Miss you lots. :(