Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I can feel Spring coming this way!!!


KellyO said...

Naturally, as this Indiana girl will never learn, we are supposed to get snow showers this weekend! Just as I was embracing the new season! UGH!

Dorrie said...

Your hair is getting long! And I truly love Keagan's skinhead! :)

Thursday and Friday were gorgeous. Then it snowed about 2 inches yesterday. Here's a stock tip for stock in tylenol sinus, because I will be going through it like a mad dawg!

Miss you and hope you're doing well in kellyville.

KellyO said...

Well, we ended up not getting any snow and it dropped to the 30s at night but was 55 today - My head is killing me so it must be the rise and drop in temps.
Miss you too my Chicago friend!!!!