Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Is It Possible?

How is it possible that school starts on Wednesday? I mean it! I'm not ready; I've got no school supplies purchased; poor Murphy will be stuck wearing size 12 pants that don't quite reach the tops of his shoes; oh, and his shoes! Lordy, his shoes! He's got no shoes except for a pair with 2 large holes on the bottom! What happened to me? Why am I so ill-prepared for the start of the school year? Don't tell me it's because "We really didn't have much of a summer" because I loved (LOVED) the mild summer temps this year yet I believe it may have hurt my preparedness!

When it is so hot that your feet stick to the pavement, then I'm ready for school. So, blame me, people! I'm the reason that the hot weather came with less than a week left before school. God knew that I needed a reminder that it was, indeed, August and that school (at least in God-forsaken Indiana) starts mid-August when your eye lids stick together because they have melted from the sweat pouring down your face.

It probably didn't help that baseball, yep I said baseball, just ended today. We've been playing (well, not WE necessarily) baseball since April! It has just taken up every spare moment and ran right smack into the beginning of football. Now, that signals the beginning of school - football! So, maybe it isn't my fault that summer came so "late" and maybe, just maybe, the world does not really revolve around my ability or INability to be prepared for the new school year. I'm going to have to ponder this fact a bit...

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