Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My goodness! Do I have nothing to share about my life? Has it come to this? I have become one of those moms that can only think to post things about her kids. That's ok, isn't it? Now that baseball is over I can't think of a thing to write about! See? Now I'm even ending my sentences with prepositions! What has happened to me and to my "gift" of writing?

I vow to post something once a week! Vow, really? Can I be more dramatic? I guess I just need something to hold me accountable and the word vow makes me feel accountable. So, I won't count this as a post because all it has been is a tongue-lashing at myself by myself. But, just you wait!


Dorrie said...

Oh, your catholic guilt shines through, my dear! And the picture you chose cracked me up! I could just hear the cowboy clunking his boots, spurs clacking behind him!


Jill said...

I had to leave another comment; your blog says "1 comments" and I cannot stand the grammatical inaccuracy! ;-)

KellyO said...

Thank you - that bothers me too!