Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing is New! Yet, Everything is New!

Sorry, I haven't at all been motivated to write much! I'd like to say it's because my house is up for sale, I've secured a venue for my reception, I lost 35 pounds, I bought a dress, I'm relatively packed...but that would be the exact opposite of what has been going on in my world!!

Instead it's this:

And this:

Not enough of this:

More of this:

An abundance of this:

And loving this:

I'm thinking I need to add more of this:

And, definitely, more of this: to go do more of, well, this!


Dorrie said...

Awesome post. Well said. :) And is that picture of the deer up at the Sisters' hill? I used to walk that hill every day on my lunch hour (provided it was warmer than 20 degrees) and sorely miss it. Deer and wild turkeys were regular sightings...far different from the inner-city views I enjoy now!

Miss you!

kroeder said...

Woo Hoo -- 35 pounds!?!?! Awesome! Wonder if I will be seeing you at the Monte Carlo night tonight....

KellyO said...

Dorrie - yes it is the deer up at the 'nunery' and, hilarious, I saw a flock of wild turkey too but they were too far up the hill and it was soooo cold!
Roeder - I'd like to pretend you read my post correctly and I did lose 35 pounds but since I'll be seeing you at Monte Carlo, I cannot lie! These are all things I would like to say I've done but, alas, I haven't!