Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Snowpocalypse 2011'

Could we be more dramatic??? I am loving all of the hype involved in this upcoming blizzard! I'd rather have the big and fluffy snow than the skin-jarring windy snow but, oh well! It's February and, guess what, it snows in South Bend!! And, for all of my whiney Facebook friends, stay indoors and button up!! I'm so over all of the Negative-Nellies and the Debbie-Downers when it comes to winters in Indiana. I get it, not everyone has a "choice" as to whether they live here or not. I get it, some prefer the skin-melting heat and humidity of summer but you don't hear me begging for winter during summer, do you? Oh wait, you do ;)

Until then, bring on the snow!!!

1 comment:

Dorrie said...

That's a cool picture. I can almost see myself shivering in Chicago. :)

Glad you stayed safe and undramatic for the blizzard. ;)

Miss ya