Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rocky River

I'm ready to move! I'm ready to begin my life in a new city with the man that I shall call my husband (if THAT ever happens) I've really struggled trying to make these statements feel real in my heart and they are beginning to take root. Worrying about furniture placement, schools, leaving family and friends, and the like all pale in comparison to how much I love Bill. I'd truly be willing to follow him anywhere (don't tell him that as he'd like to move somewhere off the grid and I don't do "off the grid")

For me, this is all a matter of trust. I need to trust that Bill will not abandon me in a new city for long periods at a time with only our house and my kids to keep me company. I've been down that road before and it, quite literally, almost killed me. So, I'm trying desperately to trust that this will be new and not a repeat of things in the past. I need to trust that I will make a new life for our family in the beautiful city of Rocky River and that it won't be left to just me and the kids vs. the big, bad, unknown town. I've been down that road as well and I am terrified of where it led me/us.

I just need to trust. It is required for the health and well-being of my children, my future husband, and myself for me to trust.

I trust...I trust...I trust...

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Dorrie said...

Rocky River, eh? It SOUNDS pretty! Even prettier than South Bend. :)

You will be fine. You are following God's will with this move and because of that, everything will fall in to place. It may seem terrifying and sad and scary, but keep trusting. You can do this and you WILL do this...with grace, as always.

Did I tell you that your name is "Kettle" and mine is "Pot?" You're BLACK! :)

Seriously, if there's one thing I've learned from my move to Chi, it's that you cannot predict everything and you have to, at some point, give up and live in the moment. You'll look back on all of this (and after wondering how the heck you survived it all) and be grateful for the challenges God knew you could handle at once.

Miss you and love you and sending you hugs and mushy girl-sentiments!