Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gettin' Ready

Well, winter decided to show itself today! It came upon us with such gusto - very high winds, sideways blowing snow, and super cold temps. I'm so happy about winter that I could just literally weep for joy! I will, however, enjoy it more when these gusty winds die down a bit. But, I long for the peacefulness, the gentleness, the quietness, the other 'nesses' of winter. While others (mostly everyone) around South Bend hate winter because it seems to last forever, I welcome it because it ushers in a more calm and homey time for me and my kids. I think, again, that it all has to do with peace for me and winter represents peace.

I have begun to read a book called, "The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood" It is a book based on the visions of a young mother in her thirties. I'm not going to get into a debate on the validity of visions or locutions - I believe that if God has something to say that he can darn well send His Mother or anyone else He wants in any form He wants. We all are in different stages of our lives and God meets us where we are and if it's the shape of a pancake or on the trunk of a tree or, in this case, in the embodiment of the Blessed Mother to this young mother, then so be it. OK?

There is a chapter called Silence and Obscurity that has really spoken to me and it deals with peace and that is how I have come to combine this post on winter with this post on peace and a message from Our Lady.

*Vision of Our Blessed Mother, she again appeared to have been crying as the day before:
"Silence and obscurity. This is what I ask of you. Let the light of the Lord shine through you in your daily duties. Many misunderstand this and think that they must be in the public eye to do great things for God. It is often quite the contrary. Silence and obscurity as I was in Bethlehem and Nazareth."

I found this to be very reassuring and refreshing and a relief. I, many times, wonder if any of what I am doing by "just" raising my kids will mean anything. How am I changing the world? How is anyone ever going to remember Kelly? In the words of Our Lady - silence and obscurity. I can do that!!


Dorrie said...

You're anything but quiet and obscure! I mean that in a wonderful, life-giving way, of course!

You're changing the world in more ways than you can even imagine (and think of the upcoming HOllywood actor you're raising in Keagan?!)

Good post and keep your chin up.

Shelly said...

wow...that was a great post. I, too, ask that question frequently...and wonder why the world tells me I should not feel fulfilled in my life at home, serving my family. Yeah, it is humble and not very glitzy, by the world's standards, but a calling is a calling and life is written in chapters. This is my current chapter and I will actively seek the purpose God has created me for. Thanks for your insight. You should be a writer. love you!