Monday, October 5, 2009


The last and final submission of the O'Brien kids is Keagan. My youngest, born on Halloween, has provided me the most activity in my life as Mommy. He is an amazing young man that is able to, in a 5 minute span, make me the most frustrated and the most entertained! I am constantly amazed at his ability to creatively make a situation fit to his liking rather than having to adjust his own perception. This trait will serve him well as he gets older but right now I would just like him to conform, dang it!! But, I have come to love this little stinker for everything that he brings to my life.

What I love most about Keagan is that he just exists as though the sun rose this morning for him and for him alone! He has, in his mind, an idea of how things should be run and when it is altered he is thrown and attempts to bring the rest of us around to his way of thinking. Now, don't get me wrong, I love his independent spirit and his huge heart! I do! He is just so different from his other siblings and just when I thought that I had the "manual" memorized, along came Keagan.

I look forward to every day to see what new things Keagan has learned and will teach me. He is well loved in school (he's got a big fan base of 8th graders!) and he is always careful to see that everyone gets a fair deal each and every day. God most definitely has a sense of humor in that He sent me this little bundle of energy as my final gift in the world of motherhood. Thank God for his little dimple as it has saved Keagan on a few occasions but, mostly, thank God for Keagan!

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