Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frickin' Swine Flu

I really hate the media, you know? I'm tired of the arguments between Jon and Kate (FYI Jon, grow a pair and be a man), I'm sick of the love affair with Michael Jackson now that he's dead (you remember him, the one who allowed little kids to sleep in bed with him?), I'm over the obsession with anything David Letterman and his insipid behavior (I guess it's ok to cheat on a loved one as long as you haven't exchanged wedding vows - screw the fact that you have been dating for like 20 years!), and, for the love of God, this stupid Swine flu coverage has gotten on my last nerve! I totally get the reason for reporting about the H1N1 (hate, hate, hate that some moron decided to call it the Swine flu) and also for reporting on what one can do to both prevent it and treat it. But, must it always be tinged with the "Holy crap! The sky is falling" mentality?

Two years ago, I got the flu and I gotta say, that I really wanted to die! My head hurt more than anything, I was covered in a layer of sweat induced by 104 temps, I couldn't lift my head long enough to make sure the kids were up and ready for school, and so on! It wasn't too much after Bill died that I contracted the stupid flu and, as much as it scarred my kids, I might have mentioned to them to say their goodbyes to dear old mom because I'm ready to meet Jesus! I know! Don't say it!

So, fast forward a year or so and we've got the Swine flu! Briege has been at home since Wednesday with a severe cough and a temperature. Half of the people tell me it's just the seasonal "crud" but the other half tell me that it's the Swine flu and that I should take her to get tested for it. Well, the test costs roughly 400 dollars when all is said and done and most insurance doesn't cover it. Do I have to take her to the doctor for them to tell me to keep her hydrated and keep administering Motrin? Duh!

I just would like to dial back the hype and the scare tactics that get ratings. Again, I understand the need for information but we are overdosing on information of all sorts and I've had it! Many times I get made fun of for not having cable television and people mock my rabbit ear antennae but I, for one, do not miss the 24 hour coverage of Obama (both pro and con), the behind the scenes goings on of , and the hours upon hours of scary news stories of a H1N1 flu pandemic in this country. For all that is good and wholesome in this world, I am taking a stand and I am going to control the amount of drama and panic that enters my little house on Holiday Drive!

So there!

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Dorrie said...

Nice post, Kells. I FEEL your angst. And I agree with you. Even though I'm on the H1N1 pandemic preparedness committee at work, it's still creeping me out. It's like people WANT a national disaster! Let's get a grip, people! Being sick is not newsworthy!

Briege will be fine. She's tough! Your problem won't hit the fan until Keagan comes down with it (don't worry, you can take refuge at my house if you !)