Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Briege

There are many days that I wonder what it is that I did to deserve an amazing child like Briege. Don't get me wrong, my boys are great and I totally can relate to most of what goes through their minds (well, maybe not totally but somewhat) But, how on earth did I get blessed with Briege? I have been sitting here for over 10 minutes trying to come up with the perfect words to describe this little punk. And...punk just isn't the right word for her!

I was blessed with finding out that I was pregnant with Briege on Valentine's day. I pretty much hate Valentine's day with all of its superficial meaning but it changed on that day for me. I wasn't quite sure that I was ready for another child but, what the heck! And, out she came - all 10 pounds of her! She was the most perfect baby ever - perfectly round head, slight reddish tint to her hair, and the most adorable blue eyes ever! With this came colic but it didn't last long and she blossomed (gosh, I hate that word but it fits for Briege) into this kind, sweet, caring, sensitive, talented, smart, faithful young lady.

I can always count on Briege for just about anything. I have never had to spank her or give her a time out - EVER. If there is a time for disciplinary action because of a rare "slip-up" she has already decided what her punishment should be. I, then, never have the heart to follow through with the punishment because it came so selflessly for her. I wish that I could more eloquently describe how much I love this little ray of sunshine!

When her daddy died, my little Briege was so confused and just wanted, in some way, to see him one more time. Not for her own sake but because she wasn't quite sure if she gave him enough hugs to remember in Heaven. She feels things very deeply so the loss of Bill hurt her amazing heart more than the others. What is beautiful about Briege is that she just feels what she feels and believes in the amazing love of God in helping her get through each and every day - even if it's filled with all of these stinky boys! I, truly, am humbled to be Briege's mom!


Dorrie said...

Very cute! I agree that Briege is very hard to describe. She's almost her own adjective...if you're sweet, considerate, kind, and a gentle, loving soul even in fourth grade, you're pulling "a Briege!"

Your kids are awesome. Cool idea to spotlight them all.

My secretary "gave" me an hour off, as she moved a meeting to tomorrow. I feel like I've won the lottery...and instead of attacking work, I'm lingering over my lunch and checking blogs! Priorities, priorities! :)

Dorrie said...

So where's the "Keagan" installment?!?!