Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Changing the Blog

I know! I know! I change my web page too much! I just feel like I need to change it with the seasons and since I have my obligatory flip-flop tan lines from the Little League park, I thought that this would fit where I am best! Then there are the very cute flowers that "sprung" up around my house that only lasted two weeks, they deserve their time at the top of my page, right? My kids? Well, they aren't nearly as delicate but they probably, sort of, kind of, maybe deserve some face time at the top of the blog too, right?


Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure finally meeting someone who changes their blog layout as much as I do (giggle) hey, at least we allow our creative minds to run rampage every week or two ;)

Dorrie said...

I think it's cool. If there's one shoe that best captures your personality, it's a flip flop! :) If only because you live in them whenever it's NOT snowing!