Monday, April 6, 2009

Time to change...

I posted a new header picture because I just felt as though the other picture was fradulent in where I am! We, in most of the Midwest, woke up to 3 inches of snow! Not much in measurement but it is April after all! It was actually very pretty and I can say that because, well, I love snow! I can also say that because by Thursday it is supposed to be close to 60 degrees. You don't scare me, snow! I thought it would be fun to post my early morning thoughts on the subject as well. They follow in picture and in video! Enjoy!

The aftermath (isn't it pretty?)

Stinkin' April!

The night it began!

Another night shot!

And now, my early morning thoughts on snow and not being able to go anywhere warm for Spring Break:

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Dorrie said...

I think you should get that fancy camera and take a photography class. Seems as though it's your true passion (and you're good at it!)