Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I love this dog! The beauty of Sugar is that she cannot know how perfect she is! She just cracks me up all of the time. Well, when she's not eating raw hambuger out of the package on top of my stove! On this day, a chipmunk was up my parent's downspout. I think it must make its home around there and it runs up there to hide or whatever. Sugar was going nuts trying to flush out the poor thing. The funny thing is, she probably would have pooped a brick if it really did. This went on for 20 minutes! Here's a short video of part of the encounter!

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Dorrie said...

That's hilarious! There was one time last summer when trapped a chipmunk in our downspout and I had to bribe her with cheese to get her back in the house! I think she would have stayed there for hours! Live bait!

So maybe her belly noises were from eating raw chipmunk? Eeeewwww!

-Aunt Jill