Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 Days!

2 days! That's it and this drama will be over - or will it just begin, who knows? I am confident that the Lord has done wondrous things in the midst of all of this nonsense! He has drawn many, many people back to prayer - you know the good old-fashioned kind of praying! Fervent-passionate-pleading-loving-shouting to the Lord kind of prayer! It's a "chore" to keep up that kind of prayer sometimes but isn't it worth it? My kids have noticed that my Rosary is out a lot more than it used to be, that's a good thing! They have also wondered what to do or say when someone has a differing opinion and other than telling them "Mom is always right" (just kidding) I tell them that in the end, Christ renews us all! I truly believe this! He's bigger than ALL of this! It's difficult to remember this when we get sucked into the drama of the election or the wonderful things of our particular candidates (well, McCain, of course)
In these last two days I am going to be more gentle about the election and all of its issues (I almost couldn't write that!) I am going to fervently pray for a McCain victory, yet, I'm going to just pray; I'm going to continue my Rosary for life and I plan on doing this until there is no more abortion; I am going to pray for the softening of Sen. Obama's (I always want to put his name as O'Bama) heart on the rights of the unborn; I am going to pray for the supporters on both sides so that we can somehow come together and make sure that our politicians are doing their jobs - for the good of us, the voters!!!
Let's take this opportunity to remember what it feels like to open up communication with God! Let's embrace this "fight" as one that has made us a little bruised but a lot more in tune with Christ's love for us. Let's pray and then continue to pray long after November 4, 2008 has come and gone! Pray, pray, pray!

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