Friday, March 11, 2011


I feel a bit compelled to share my thoughts on the abortion issue. I cannot stand Planned Parenthood for so many reasons. If they were merely an organization that provided free "health care" to families, then I would have less of a problem with them. I get being the uninsured or the under insured because I am one and to have places to go where I can get health care at low-cost, on paper, sounds fabulous. Planned Parenthood makes millions - M.I.L.L.I.O.N.S. - on abortion and handing out birth control. Stop killing babies in utero by BOTH birth control and abortion, and I'll support MY tax dollars funding you. Until then, nope, never, ever will I support a "medical" facility that preys (yes PREYS) on low-income and desperate women.

They say that we, on the pro-life side, don't care about the women and children only about the babies in utero (only they don't use the word babies because that might convict them that, I don't know, there's an actual LIFE in their uterus!) Have they asked me? I may not be able to afford many extras in life but I would do my very best to lovingly support a woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy. The bottom line is, Planned Parenthood paints this scenario of a fresh start and, yet, where are they when women regret their abortions? Well, one place where they are is down the street countin' their money! Daily, I have to drive by my local PP office and see their tacky marquee screaming "Morning After Pill - only $65 - no pelvic exam needed" Yeah, that sure gives me the warm and fuzzies!

And, yes, I do think that the invention, pushing, marketing, etc. of the pill and all forms of birth control has ushered in generation upon generation of self-centered people. I get why people use birth control and I do not judge them because that's not my job but I'm not going to be silent anymore. The pill, uses chemicals to prevent the implantation of a fully-fertilized egg into the uterus causing it to abort (this is not my wording, it is in the literature) I believe that human life begins at the moment of conception. I don't believe that it happens a second later but that it happens at that precise moment: Life has begun I can put myself in the shoes of people wanting to have as much sex without any of the "burdens" that may come from it but, really? Are we so spoiled that we can't adjust our urges? Are we so selfish that we want the cake but we don't want the calories that go with it? Have we separated ourselves so far from God that we don't even see pregnancy, marriage, children as a gift to be nurtured and embraced?


And with that, I give you the lovelies supporting a government funded PP:


Dorrie said...

You have right to be upset. It's a sham.

Y'know what else I hate? The strinkingly attractive commercials for birth control. Have you seen the one for Beyaz (sp?)? The women are sauntering around a "store," looking at minature houses, trips, college degrees, etc., and one wags her finger at the stork trying to give her a baby. But no, she pushes the stork away so she can carry her big, fake Eiffel tour out to her car.

Very attractive marketing to those who don't know any better. It infuriates me.

KellyO said...

I totally agree with you on the Beyaz commercial - it is the biggest and most dangerous lie out there! I feel for my dear friends that are unable to have babies for whatever reason and there's this moron picking which model of boyfriend she wants but only if she takes the pill...ugh!