Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm back, trying to delve back into my prayer life. Don't get me wrong, I still managed to pray but it was always for someone else. It's not that I didn't think I needed the prayers for myself but more the fact that I didn't think I deserved the prayers. My goodness! Haven't I ridden this horse long enough? I mean, how long am I going to lament my unworthiness? It's like constantly asking someone if this dress makes me look fat. Not that God would ever hurt me or reject me or claim me unworthy. So, the example makes sense in MY head but it may not in yours - deal with it!

I've decided to re-read some of my spiritual books. It gets me into a prayerful posture without the pressure of knowing what to say. I've dusted off "I Believe in Love" and I opened up to where I left off...and stumbled upon the chapter on Mary, the Blessed Mother. Well, that got me psyched because who better to emulate the art of being humble without being a jackass (like myself) You see, in my quest to be humble I have mistaken it for my own feeling of unworthiness. Big difference and I think my faithful friends are, quite frankly, sick of having to convince me of my worthiness and my lovable nature. Again, I harken back to the dress analogy - eventually they might just tell me that yes, indeed, you look fat in that dress. Not because that is the truth but because they refuse to "play the game" anymore. Thank God my friends, Shelly, Kerry, Jill, and others, would never give up on validating me but they may resort to kicking my fanny (Jill's young and she could do it!)

Five jewels in the heart of Mary: her simplicity, her abandonment, her love for the Cross, her thirst for souls, and her love. What is amazing about these jewels is how attainable they are. Mary, in her perfection, could be known for her piousness (which she mastered), her suffering (and she certainly suffered), her obedience (could any of us give such a magnificant Fiat?), and so on. She was all of these thing and she was more. But, what I love about these 5 jewels named in the "I Believe in Love" book is that you could be talking about you or me - and that's the beauty of Our Lady!

Simplicity-the absence of excess
"In our time Jesus also wants hidden saints like the woman of Nazareth (Mary)who distinguish themselves in nothing exteriorly, but who burn interiorly."

Abandonment-the act of leaving or giving something up completely
"The loving abandonment of Mary is at the origin of our Redemption"

The Cross-Jesus and His amazing sacrifice
Can you imagine knowing at the time of conception, at the time of the fiat, that Mary knew that her own soul would be pierced by a sword because of her Son. "Mary was preparing for the great reunion of the Assumption, when she was to see the wounds streaming with Blood changed into wounds streaming with light and glory."

Souls-you, me, and the rest that are hardly worth the thirst
"In her fiat at Nazareth there is something of the impulse of a mother who wants to prevent her child from falling into the flames, for she realized more than anyone else what sin is, what Hell is. So she cried, 'Yes, let me receive the sword, the piercing lance at Golgotha. I consent to see Jesus suffer and die to save my other children.'"

Love-a very strong warm feeling or deep concern for someone, commitment
"This is the diamond which flashes its splendor on all the others. It is more than a jewel of her heart - it is her heart itself."

I can attain these jewels! I can! But...I have got to do more than what I've been doing. I need to get back to "working" towards these jewels and "working" towards perfection. Sometimes, I get caught up in the unworthiness that we all possess and forget that God isn't asking for us to be perfect! He is so beyond what we humans call perfection and he doesn't label us in the manner or by the measures that we have created on earth - THANK GOD!

I will leave you with this final quote from the book;
"Each morning at Mass, the focal point of your days and of your life, put Jesus on the altar of the wounded heart of Mary, the Mother of the Church. Assist at Mass near her, with her, at the foot of the Cross, like St. John and St. Mary Magdalene."
Thank You, Jesus!

Thank you, Mary!

ps. sorry so long!!!

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Dorrie said...

Glad to hear you've "dusted off" your copy of I Believe in Love. While I haven't done that, I have to read some book about the life of St. Francis for my leadership training at work. It will serve, at least in part, a spiritual read!

You're right...humbleness does not equate to beating yourself up all the time and thinking yourself unworthy. Humbleness and humility(pausing to Google these) aren't a sign of lowliness, but you know yourself and your defects...but keep looking to God and keep moving forward.

y'know, kind of like that 'just keep swimming' thing. :)