Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Please Pray for the Election - 6 Days Left!

Please continue to pray for the outcome of the upcoming election. I am praying for the defeat of Sen. Obama - I don't think that anyone is shocked by this revelation! I truly fear for what his administration will do to this country. If there is a Democrat majority in Congress and a Democrat in the White House, nothing but liberal ideology will be passed - this means the dreaded Freedom of Choice Act will pass (it is a horribly named bill which makes abortion more accessible, allows minors to obtain abortions without their parents consent, does not provide medical care for infants born alive as a result of a botched abortion, and more)
Please familiarize yourselves with the platforms of both candidates. It is not enough to say "I'm sick of Pres. Bush so I'm voting for Sen. Obama!" It is not enough to read the Bishop's guide for "responsible voting" and then justifying your supporting a candidate that is most radically pro-abortion! You need to read what their actual positions are on abortion - by the way, please, please do not think that abortion cannot be overturned! God is amazing and if we fight for the unborn and those under-represented, anything can happen! Please read about the candidates real plan for the safety of our great nation, read about their plans - long term - for the state of our economy, read about their health care and tax cut plans. Not only read them find out what it means for the greater good and for you and for your neighbor and for your fellow Church-goer.
I'm frightened by Sen. Obama, I really am! He will usher in a ideology which supports the culture of death - abortion and infanticide! It's shameful! For those that point to the war in Iraq as an equal "atrocity" to abortion, that is smoke and mirrors and we must pray for peace but war is sometimes necessary. Really read biblical stories on war, read encyclicals, books, articles to familiarize yourselves with the proper knowledge you need to make an informed decision. It is not enough to see a commercial, a rally, an interview and call yourselves informed.
Most of all, pray for this election. God's will is going to prevail no matter who wins this election. He gives us free will to make our paths in life but, ultimately, it will be His will that leads us.
I have been doing a Rosary Novena for the upcoming election - we are on day 4 but it's never to late to begin dedicating some part of your prayers to the upcoming election. I love doing Rosary novenas because I am talking to Our Heavenly Mother and asking Her to protect us and by doing this, I'm talking to my Father in Heaven. I know that I could directly go to God, and I do, but sometimes it's nice to go to "Mommy" or "Gospa" and she kisses our boo-boos and says "I'll talk to your Father" I just love thinking about the Blessed Mother this way as well as God in this way too. It is probably because I have such great parents on earth so they paved the way for me to be able to see Our Lady and God the Father in a more tangible way! A little shout out to my mom and dad!
If you are interested in doing a Rosary novena there are many resources to join one -I am doing one with a group from this site (I have this site linked from my site so you can click on it on the right) Really, any good Christian prayers offered up for the election are good - it's a personal decision, I was just sharing with you my form of prayer during this election time!

PS. The 40 Days for Life Campaign is still going on at the Women's Pavilion on Ironwood Circle off of Ironwood in South Bend! Heck, I'm going to continue my prayerful vigil even after the 40 Days campaign is over and the election has been decided! I want that place shut down and I'm storming Heaven to do my part!!!

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